Unlimited possibilities IXOTIVE is leading innovations of
smart technology

Leading innovations of smart technology

PosFrame PosFrame is Smart Factory platform that integrates IoT,
Big Data and AI to analyze production field data
in real time and control processes optimally

PosMaster Experience a new automation system solution
through PosMaster, an IPC (Industrial PC) based
smart controller developed exclusively by POSCO ICT

A.WORKS With A.WORKS, an enterprise RPA (robotic process automation) solution,
implement an advanced business work environment in which productivity,
accuracy, and stability are maximized, and in which humans and robots cooperate

Facero Facero is a face recognition solution based on blockchain and AI
that provides access-control and credit-authentication services
by detecting, comparing, and identifying face images

Smart CCTV Smart CCTV predicts abnormalities by recognizing various situations
through the real-time AI image analysis and supports active responses
when events do occur



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