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[Vision AI] POSCO ICT applied Block Chain platform to facial recognition solution


POSCO ICT has strengthened security for user information by applying block chain technology for the first time in Korea to 'Facero', a facial recognition solution developed by POSCO ICT.

Facero is a solution that can be applied to various services such as small payments and attendance management by certifying the user's face that cannot be lent to others. The AI-based deep learning technology has the advantage of repeatedly learning and using even minor changes in registered faces to improve accuracy.

Facial recognition technology has the advantage of being contactless and hygienic compared to fingerprint recognition in the face of the proliferation of corona 19, raising the importance of security for registered user data as its application expands. In fact, last year in China, 2.56 million users' data containing unencrypted customer facial information was leaked, causing problems. In order to prevent misuse of personal information, South Korea has recently banned the storage of facial information
when checking visitors' fever with facial recognition thermal imaging cameras.

POSCO ICT applied a block chain to 'Facero' to prevent forgery of registered data such as users' faces,
so that data can be safely protected from threats such as hacking. POSCO ICT applied 'PosLedger', a block chain platform developed by POSCO ICT based on its open source Hyperledger Fabric.

At a pace that was certified by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) last year with 99.9 percent accuracy, 
the company is expanding the application of the 'Facero' solution by citing fast response speed of less than 0.5 seconds and high security based on block chain.

Currently, Facero, which is applied to POSCO Group's major facilities, is expanding not only for general access control but also for safety management that checks the status of workers' safety equipment before entering the workplace,
attendance control of online video education, and payment management of in-house restaurants.
Furthermore, the logistics center operated by the courier service company will expand its application to areas such as classification of parcels through shape recognition of the parcel, and security that detects dangerous behavior of unspecified people in public places and responds in advance.

Meanwhile, POSCO ICT has developed smart solutions based on AI, Big Data, and IoT, and has launched an integrated brand called 'IXOTIVE', which represents solutions, to actively promote marketing using the portal (