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[IXOSafety] Smart safety management system for indistrial field


POSCO ICT developed a smart safety management system that can integrate and carry out all safety management activities at industrial sites in one system and monitor and analyze the results.

POSCO ICT's smart safety management system serves to support the integrated performance and management of safety management tasks that must be performed at manufacturing and construction sites, and to enable all workers and management at the site to share and utilize relevant information.

Smart safety management systems are characterized by integrating safety management systems scattered around the workplace, such as process safety management, work permit, facility management and inspection, safety education, and partner management, supporting all activities ranging from planning to execution and inspection to improvement measures, as well as linking them with other business systems to enable integrated operation at the enterprise level.

In particular, the advantage is that the system can be established and serviced at a more reasonable cost in a short period of time by standardizing and developing safety management activities that have been verified at various sites in a package. In addition, it is composed of modular components and can select only necessary functions and apply them to various devices such as smartphones and tablets. Yullin Technologies Co., Ltd., which has abundant experience in safety management in the oil refining and chemical sectors, participated in the solution development to enhance expertise and practice win-win cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises.

To prevent outsourcing of risks, the Industrial Safety and Health Act was revised as of January 16 this year to provide integrated safety management for all workers at workplaces, including daily workers, so that field workers belonging to partner companies can also access dedicated portals to carry out safety management tasks, and receive disaster and safety information and safety guides.

An official of POSCO ICT said, "Although safety management that combines smart technologies such as IoT and drones is being introduced due to the significant importance of safety at industrial sites, all systems are not integrated and are not working in a piecemeal manner." "We plan to manufacture and distribute smart safety management systems based on verified safety management processes in earnest at construction sites."