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[PosFrame] POSCO ICT to build next generation Smart Factory for Hyosung Heavy Industries


POSCO ICT (CEO Jung Duk-kyun) is spreading its smart factory solutions built at POSCO's steel mill to the production site of heavy industries.

POSCO ICT announced that it will push ahead with a project to build a smart factory for Hyosung Heavy Industries (CEO Kim Dong-woo), a leading domestic company in the field of heavy electricity such as transformers and breakers. POSCO ICT plans to develop a smart factory based on MES (Manufacturing Execution System) at Hyosung Heavy Industries' Changwon plant in cooperation with Hyosung ITX (CEO Nam Kyung-hwan).

Through the establishment of a smart factory, Hyosung Heavy Industries plans to improve work progress management and production efficiency by identifying and reflecting changes in work plans according to the process and workers in real time. In addition, logistics management can be improved by tracking the location of warehousing, moving, and shipping of materials and semi-finished products, and automatically providing the optimal loading location in the system.

In particular, it will collect and refine various field data from the receiving stage of materials to production, inspection, and shipment, and have a system that can apply big data to analyze and track down. For example, by collecting and monitoring data from IoT sensors attached to facilities, precise quality control is also expected to be achieved by responding quickly to task abnormalities.

For this project, "PosFrame," a platform applied to the smart factory of POSCO's steel mill, will be used. Hyosung Heavy Industries produces transformers and breakers with steel materials produced by POSCO, and by adopting the same smart factory platform, it can lay the foundation for linking and utilizing future data between the steel industry and companies that produce finished products with materials. This will allow the expansion of the smart factory to be reflected in the production of steel products by using data from the steel mill when it produces steel products in Hyosung Heavy Industries, and, on the contrary, Hyosung Heavy Industries' requirements will be delivered to POSCO in advance.

The smart factory project is the first of its kind since POSCO ICT and Hyosung Group signed a business agreement to cooperate in the smart factory sector, and POSCO ICT plans to expand smart factories not only for Hyosung Heavy Industries but also for various manufacturing industries such as chemicals and high-tech materials in Hyosung Group.
 Meanwhile, POSCO ICT is also actively promoting projects to lighten its smart factory solutions and spread smart factories to medium and small businesses as manufacturers are increasingly interested in smart factories.