Workbench is an AI/Big Data analysis solution
that provides rapid and easy one-stop support for the entire data analysis process.

What is

Looking for hidden value in large amounts of data?

Get started on a successful digital transformation with Workbench.


The success of a digital transformation depends on the level of data utilization.
Enhances the ability to use data across the enterprise by helping ordinary engineers,
who are not analytics experts, to complete the entire analysis process easily and rapidly.

Are you having difficulty analyzing your data due to a lack of experts?

Are you collecting and analyzing data, but finding it difficult to reflect it in business decisions?

Is the analytical model you developed not sustainable due to poor management?

Are there significant quality differences in analysis results between managers?

Experience the data analysis technology
provided by Workbench.
Turn wasted data into a valuable asset.

Non-experts can perform like analytics experts

Easy and quick analysis of the latest techniques

Model management, improvement of knowledge level

  • Data
    Extracts different forms of structured and unstructured data from different sources, such as RDB, Hadoop, Excel and more.
  • Data
    Suggests the appropriate pre-processing type through data quality diagnosis and automatically performs pre-processing.
  • Exploratory
    Visualizes data structures and relationships between variables using various charts, and extracts derived variables and significant factors.
  • Analysis
    Makes WorkFlow-based exploratory analysis and modeling possible without coding by providing type-specific algorithms as various components.
  • Model
    Includes features for automatic model updates, change history management, and new algorithm simulations.

Key Value

Solve the difficulties of data analysis
with Workbench.

Establishes a data-based decision-making and business execution system
by capitalizing on the experience and know-how of highly skilled personnel.

  • 포스코ICT의 인공지능 빅데이터 분석 솔루션 분석워크벤치는 쉬운 UI/UX를 제공합니다 / Analysis Workbench, the AI BigData solution of Posco ICT is easy to use

    An UI/UX that can easily
    be run by anyone

    Increases the accessibility of analysis technology by providing a simple and intuitive analysis environment.

  • 포스코ICT의 인공지능 빅데이터 분석 솔루션 분석워크벤치는 전처리 시간을 50% 이상 단축합니다 /  Analysis Workbench, the AI BigData solution of Posco ICT reduces pre-processing time by 50%

    Improved productivity
    through shortened analysis time

    Extracts large amounts of data from a variety of data sources and automatically performs pre-processing, reducing pre-processing time by more than 50%.

  • 포스코ICT의 인공지능 빅데이터 분석 솔루션 분석워크벤치는 분석 노하우를 축적합니다 /  Analysis Workbench, the AI BigData solution of Posco ICT accumulates Analysis Know-Hows of the company

    Improved enterprise analysis through accumulation of

    Systematically manages and capitalizes on analytical models and improves the quality of analysis through model reuse.

  • 포스코ICT의 인공지능 빅데이터 분석 솔루션 분석워크벤치는 분석모델을 최적의 상태로 관리합니다 /  Analysis Workbench, the AI BigData solution of Posco ICT manages the AI models in optimal status

    Maximum effect
    through continuous management

    Keeps analytical models in an optimal condition through continuous new data relearning and automatic deployment of the analytical model.

Use Case

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